Friday, September 30, 2011

Eagle Rock Music Festival 2011

Eagle Rock Music Festival 2011
Razorcake/Zocaloc Stage
4:30pm - Wreck of the Zephyr
5:30pm - French Exit
6:30pm - Cheeto Champ
7:30pm - Summer Vacation
8:30pm - The Fuxedos
9:30pm - Barrio Tiger

Family Stage
4:00pm - Pio Pico
5:00pm - Magic Show with Micah Cover
6:00pm - Ellen and Matt
7:00pm - NINE
8:00pm - The Ukulele Orchestra of the Western Hemisphere
9:00pm - Hot August Nights: A Neil Diamond Tribute Band

J. Vega & Friends

Dublab "Future Roots" Stage
4:00pm - Carlos Nino
4:45pm - Arohi Ensemble
5:30pm - Village Archives
6:15pm - Mia Doi Todd
7:00pm - Hymnal
7:45pm - Pharaohs
8:25pm - Biggest Crush (Sunny Levine + Turquoise Wisdom)
9:10pm - El Haru-Kuroi
9:50pm - Killsonic
10:15pm - Yellow Alex & the Feelings

Emerging Stage
Presented by Ford Gimme the Gig II
co-curated by FYF Fest, KOXY, LA Record
4:00pm - Kenan Bell
5:00pm - Red Shark
6:00pm - Joyce Manor
7:00pm - Allah Las
8:00pm - Boom Bip
9:00pm - Health
10:00pm - The Feeding People

6:00pm - E.R.H.S. Latin Jazz Ensemble
8:00pm - Cambalache
9:00pm - Umbalaye

Low End Theory
4:00pm - Gaslamp Killer
4:20pm - Nobody
4:40pm - Daddy Kev
5:00pm - D-Styles
5:20pm - JonWayne
6:00pm - Nocando
6:20pm - Teebs
7:00pm - D-Styles
7:20pm - Dibiase
8:00pm - Daddy Kev
8:20pm - Tokimonsta
9:00pm - Nobody
9:20pm - Nosaj Thing
10:00pm - Gaslamp Killer
10:20pm - Flying Lotus

Welcome Inn
7:00pm - Bonne Musique Zydeco

Women's 20th Century Club
6:00pm - Eric Ekstrand Ensemble

5:00pm - Ampersand
6:00pm - Border Radio
7:00pm - Saucy Monky
8:00pm - The Vagabondz
9:00pm - Duniven
10:00pm - Special Guest

Kingsize Stage
4:30pm - Beatnik Jr.
5:30pm - Gangi
6:30pm - Buffalo Electric
7:30pm - Miracle Parade
8:30pm - Dorian Taj
9:30pm - Adventure Galley
10:30pm - Rooney

The Ship Stage
4:00pm - Dirty Bandits
5:00pm - All Spots to Black
6:00pm - Little Red Lung
7:00pm - Molino
8:00pm Phaxanation & The Dust Kickers
9:00pm - Blonde Summer
10:00pm - Shadow Shadow Shade

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chilean Dude sings Eddie Vedder Songs

Chilean Dude sings Eddie Vedder Songs(HD english subs) Mi nombre es / Eddie Vedder (Javier Diaz - Chile)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Music Marketing Online

Music Marketing Online

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Best Turntable.Fm Rooms to Dj

Best Turntable.Fm Rooms to Dj

1. Dubstep Room
2 Punk Bands Room
3. Club Ωmega ⌠єlєctrσ■hσusє■duß Room
4. Ambient Chillout & Trip Hop Room
5. DJ Wooooo's House/Dance/Electro Room
6. Coding Soundtrack Room

Fan me on Turntable Fm : BACKSTAGE GABE

Monday, September 12, 2011

Soundcloud in Bay Area | Download Kreayshawn

 Soundcloud now in US and San Francisco Bay Area read here

Backstage Gabe SoundCloud profile  here

 Download and Share Kreayshawn lyrics here

Friday, September 9, 2011

4 Top Djs at EDC Las Vegas in 4 hours [2011]

4 Top Djs at EDC Las Vegas in 4 hours [2011]

Electric Daisy Carnival is a 3 day event. Friday,Saturday,Sunday.

I drove from Los Angeles at 5am all the way to stateline.
We stayed with Nick and Anthony Montoyas cousin Matt Baca.

Boy! Was it hot in Vegas.

We stayed indoors all day.
We started getting ready at 8pm.

We didnt get to the Las Vegas Motor Speeday til Midnight

We were trying to find friends and didnt get inside til 1am on Sunday morning.

We walked around and got to the stage during Benny Bennasi set.

Benny Bennasi was coming off while David Guetta got on stage.

I cant believe I was in the Dj Booth with David Guetta.
Check out my videos in HD. Push the HD Button and maximize the screen.

Next we headed to see Dubstep Dj Rusko. The bass from Rusko had the stage rockin!


Then we went to the VIP but nobody was really there after 2am.

Then we went to see Dj Skrillex. We tried to get onstage but the stage was to the max, so we went to the press pit. In the front I couldnt get any real cool pics because the stage was too high the best pic I got was when he was standing on top of the Dj Set!

We left at 430 am back to Los Angeles. I slept to the Nevada/California stateline and I drove from there. We got back home at 930 am. WHAT A NIGHT!